March Madness

This is truly madness, never have I wanted to see so many movies in a single month in my entire life!  I cannot remember the last time I had even the slightest desire to see more than two movies in a month.  I rarely go to the theatre now, I’ll go to the movies about once or twice every three months or so.  So this is absolutely mind-blowing to me.  I knew something was happening when I saw what the major releases were for this weekend (March 4-6): “Rango,” “Beastly,” “Take Me Home Tonight,” and “The Adjustment Bureau.”  I had my highest interest in “Rango” (those spots crack me up every time), but I knew that I also wanted to see “Beastly” (Alex Pettyfer is a fox).  I had mild to moderate interest in “Take Me Home Tonight” and “The Adjustment Bureau” respectively.  I was seriously considering going to see four movies, that’s a problem.  I don’t have enough time or money to do such a thing.

After seeing what was playing this weekend, I decided to check the rest of the month.  It looks like there’s more mind-blowing in store for me; here’s some of the other films I’m considering to see.

(Shakes head)

Sucker Punch

March 11: “Red Riding Hood,” “Jane Eyre”–not necessarily in theaters, but at some point

March 18: “Paul” — I think I can save this one for DVD

March 25: “Sucker Punch”–Already decided, this one’s a MUST!

That brings my total up to eight, that would be par for my entire year!  Someone must have really missed me last year.


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