Time to ReVamp

It’s been a long time since my last post.  I needed time to really figure out what I wanted this blog to be all about and the best way I could get it there.  I want this blog to be a place where I can post about anything and everything from the mundane to the more sticky things.  I want to make comments on my community locally and globally.  I want to speak on the news findings in-the-now.  I want to share photos, some of others and some of my own.  I would like to use my blog as one of my windows to the world.

Getting to this point has not been easy, transitioning from journaling to blogging has proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be.  While blogging is not the same as writing in a journal for most, it does serve as another medium to document thoughts, feelings and stories.  Though I fully intend to go back to journaling one day (and use both platforms), for now I just would like to make this blog the best I possibly can.

Part of my plan to making my blog the best I can is to integrate other mediums into the site.  Hopefully soon I will have flickr and twitter updates on here as well; this way I can share more up-to-the-minute content.  I may even change the background as well, with a new season comes a new look.

It’s time for a re-vamp!



About eclecticphoenix

I'm just a young woman who has random things to say.
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