Status Report


Now, I know it’s been a minute since my last update but I’ve been working on some behind-the scenes things.  For starters, I’ve changed the look of the blog and made it a bit more colorful.  It looks a lot better if I do say so myself!  I’ve also created and linked a twitter feed and flickr box which can both be found on the right side of the screen.  I’ve been thinking about doing a little more expanding, but I should probably stick with these three for now and wait until I can get into a smooth rhythm with them.  Speaking of rhythm…

…That reminds me

I’ve decided to try a posting schedule.  I’m going to post on Tuesdays and Fridays; depending on how well that goes I will expand and/or adapt as need be.  I’m very excited for this progress and hope you are as well.  We’re getting it there.  Having a blog is like having a new puppy; the idea of them  is awesome, but you have to remember to take care of it or it’ll die.  That would be a real downer.


About eclecticphoenix

I'm just a young woman who has random things to say.
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