Happy Friday!


Hey Everybody!

In celebration of the weekend, I’ve decided to share some more Youtube vids that I’ve found extremely entertaining.  Enjoy!

Last weekend was the Hollywood Bowl, and this year they did Hairspray.  While many of OBC were involved, Matthew Morrison, the OBC Link Larkin, was not (he’s a little busy at the moment).  No worries though, Nick Jonas stepped in and stepped up! Here is Nick’s version of “It Takes Two.”  Fabulous!

Check it out—->

*Courtesy Tesaliaf

Demi Lovato’s on the road for a comeback, and everyone’s wishing her the best.  This is the Spanish version of her hit “Skyscraper” appropriately titled “Rascacielo.”  I absolutely love this version, it sounds grittier and more raw than the English.  Even if you can’t understand everything (0r anything) she’s saying; you can definitely feel it.  This has become one of my favorite songs of the year, and one of my favorite Demi songs.  It’s right up there with “Catch Me.”

*Courtesy therealdemilovato

Finally, a parody of the popular “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Kalifah called “Black and Jewish” from the folks at Funny or Die.  Warning: Contains Language; but very funny. 🙂

*Courtesy FunnyOrDie.com

Happy Weekend!

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