The Great Escape

Library Bar in LA, photo courtesy Vanessa Stump

If there’s one place where you can always go for a good time, it’s the library.  In fact, if my library offered frequent flyer miles, I’d reach platinum by now!  Since I discovered my local branch this past spring; I’ve ventured back and forth at least twenty times (give or a take a trip).

I’ve always enjoyed the library, I’ve just never always enjoyed the books it had to offer.  Growing up I was one of those kids who always picked the books with pretty, colorful colors.  I would check it out with the school librarian take it home and end up not finishing it.  Years later, with some basic tastes established, I found myself drawn back to the building of books.  I was trying to figure out fun activities to do with my sister on her spring break when the idea hit me.

See, like many people nowadays, I’ve become very frugal.  You may even think of me as a Frugalista.  I didn’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of green on activities that were only going to span a few hours.  (I’ve been to the video store once in the past six months; and that was last week.)  So, one day during her break; we journeyed to the library and thus discovered a whole new kind of library.

New Kind of Library

In previous visits to libraries, I’ve only checked out books because that was all I was allowed to do; now that I’m all grown up I can check out anything I feel like!  Being able to check out different types of media like CDs, DVDs, magazines, etc. is sort of like the library equivalent to consuming alcohol at twenty-one.  It’s an exhilarating rush for awhile, but eventually you become accustomed to your new access and reign it in.

Needless to say I’m still in the rush faze, heading steadily towards the calm.  I’ve checked out dozens of CDs, a couple of DVDs, and oh yeah a handful of books sprinkled in between for good measure.

The library has become my new destination during this ridiculous hot, stay-cation known as summer.  It has provided an oasis I did not even realize I was missing.   Adventures of all sorts and sizes are there for every person to seek out and find if there just willing to check it out.  It’s a new kind of library people, and a new great escape!


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