’90’s Disney was Awesome!

Memories of yester-decade!

Ever had one of those moments when you wake up and say “What happened?”, well that’s how I feel about children’s programming; in particular the House of Mouse.  I am a lifelong Disney fan, so this is coming from a place of love.  Remember that…

So true.

Darkwing Duck

When I was growing up, afternoon cartoons consisted of “Darkwing Duck”, “TaleSpin”, “Duck Tales”, “Goof Troop”, and “Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers” to name a few of the many classics.  Good quality shows with extremely catchy opening songs that I still catch myself singing to this day!  Where are all these shows now?  It looks like they’ve been locked in the Disney Vault for the rest of eternity.  Kids growing up today are missing out on some great storytelling and timeless animation.  I bet, if you asked an eight-year old today what Donald Duck’s nephews names are they wouldn’t be able to answer; most of them probably don’t even know that Donald has nephews in the first place! (Huey, Dewey, and Louie for those of you who forgot, tsk tsk)  Shame.

I will give a pass to “Proud Family” and “Phineas and Ferb” two post-90s shows that manage to crack me up all the time.  Other than these two I really don’t like/can’t stand these ludicrous children’s cartoons.

I have an idea, bear with me on this, what if the House had a block where they played some of the classics like the aforementioned shows?  Sounds crazy I know.  Who’s with me?  After all, another network seems to be giving it a go (and seeing it pay off).  It would essentially be like the Vault Disney programming they used to have on the Disney Channel late at night.  Granted, Vault Disney mixed it up a bit and played shows from anywhere in-between the previous fifty years.  My long-winded point is that I had the opportunity to watch old shows that finished their original runs years before I was even a thought in my mother’s mind.

One thing that the House of Mouse has done, and continues to do, is re-release all the animated movies.  Even though they bill each re-release as the absolute last time it will be done, I give them props for re-introducing these characters to the people and allowing a new generation of children to meet them for the first time.  Since they are no longer making fairy tale movies, it’s imperative that we continue to see Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, and all the rest of the princesses and their cohorts (Peter Pan, Robin Hood, etc.) every few years.

The real motivation behind this post was actually a song from ‘A Goofy Movie’ entitled “Eye to Eye”; some of you may remember it.  For those who don’t, my treat:

It turns out that it is a great shower song, so I found myself belting out the lyrics to the chorus.  This sent me into a hurried hunt to find it online, download it, and play it to my heart’s content.  ‘A Goofy Movie’ is based on the 90’s show “Goof Troop” so this wasn’t a total stretch.  😛  I leave you with one final image.

For your consideration!


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