Happy New Season!

Happy New Season!

It’s officially fall…at least for my television! Tonight marks the return of one my staples The Vampire Diaries.  Just in time too, since my summer lemon (fan fiction reference) of a show, True Blood, has ended.  It’s time to switch gears back into my cyclical staples (Castle, Glee, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy) and try to make room for my new picks.  Speaking of new picks, it was brought to my attention that Up All Night actually premiered last night and to good ratings (phew!).  I’m not sure how I missed it (life happens), but I’ll just have to catch it on the on-demand.  Sometimes you’ve gotta love technology.  I’ll be cozying up next to my DVR for the next eight months, and loving it!  Happy new season, cheers!


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