About that Wedding…

Mr. & Mrs. er, Mr. Humphries and Ms. Kardashian!

I, like many across the country, tuned in to “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” to see how this ginormous event came to pass.  It’s not my place to give a play-by-play I won’t even attempt that, but I am going to share my most memorable moments.  Here are four hours worth of footage condensed into no more than 20 bullet points.

Warning: I am very Pro-Kris Humphries here, so haters beware! 🙂

  • First, it was strange not seeing Kendall and Kylie at all on the first night.
  • I understand Khloe being protective of Kim and the family business; I just don’t understand why she was (seemingly) more tart than usual.  Being one of four girls myself, I can understand the caring sister card.
  • If we’re going to be honest, the entire Kardashian family came up off of Kim.  None of them would be exactly where they are today if Kim had not made an unfortunate decision 4 years ago.  As Kris said “Four years ago you were selling clothes at a boutique in the Valley.”  The look on her face was priceless!  No one should forget where they came from.
  • Even though most girls dream about/plan their wedding from a young age; they shouldn’t forget to ask for their grooms input once in awhile when that day actually comes.  Kris seemed liked a more hands-on groom than most guys, so Kim had a lot to deal with.
  • Side note, I completely agree with Kim about the dogs.  They should not sleep in/on the bed.  There was no room for all of them.  I wouldn’t allow that either.
  • There shouldn’t be a problem with changing your name on legal documents.  You can always keep the “Kardashian” for branding and business purposes.  A lot of business women do it these days.  Hell, I’d consider it, but I fully intend to take my husband’s name.  To me, the name change really signifies that you are a unit, unbreakable.  It’s more powerful than the fanciest wedding band money can buy.
  •  Are all the K sisters incorporated?  If so, why didn’t Momma Kris make a stink about Khloe’s name change? I smell favorites…
  • Khloe is awesome.  She never fails to keep it real.  She seems to understand the bigger picture, and never loses sight of what’s really important.
  • Kris is awesome.  He is going to bring Kim back down to the real world whether she wants to or not.  He just seems like an all-around “good guy.”  Yes, he’s still immature in some ways but that’ll come with age.
  • Mason is a cutie! He is one well-dressed dapper toddler, who stole the screen every time.
  • If this union is to last, I think Kim’s going to have to back away from the reality television world.  She is in the spotlight more than her sisters, and if she wants to have a successful marriage she should seriously consider her other revenue streams.  No one can truly get used to the level of attention someone like Kim receives, it’s not normal and to expect someone to come into your life and go along with it is unrealistic and selfish.  Kris may empathize but he will never truly grow accustomed to it.  For Kris’ sake, I hope their union lasts.
  • Why is every place that’s not LA, NYC, Chicago or Miami considered country?  Just because Kris is from Minnesota doesn’t mean he grew up on a farm in the backwoods.  C’mom people! All the cowboy-isms get old after awhile.  Besides YeeHaw, MN isn’t even a real place.  I googled it.
  • Last but not least, even though Kim’s wedding was over-the-top extravagant; if you can afford it I say go for it!  You (should) only have one wedding, and it should be everything you wish for it to be.
All finished, and I did it in thirteen points instead of twenty!  I sincerely hope that their marriage goes the distance, assuming they got married for all the right reasons.  Now that the wedding is finally over the hard work truly begins. Best wishes to the newlyweds!


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