My Visit to Heartland

Earlier this month I had the pleasure and the privilege to attend a couple screenings at the 20th annual Heartland Film Festival.  (By a couple I do mean just two!)  Last year I went on a random Saturday not knowing what exactly was showing and spent the afternoon in the theater.  It wasn’t a bad experience or anything I just saw movies that I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself if I had planned ahead of time that’s all.  I saw one or two screenings of shorts and a Swedish comedy about a high-school girl wanting to be an actress.  Everything was fabulous!

For this year’s festival, I decided to plan ahead this time.  I wanted to sift through all the different offerings and pick out the ones that sparked my interested.  I ended up picking out four features and two shorts programs spread out over four days on an eight day stretch.  Naturally, because of conflicts I was only able to make it out to my last two days.

Assuming I put together the gallery correctly, you can see which two I was able to make ( My Last Day Without You and Romantics Anonymous)  and take a look at the film that was crowned top dog (yay puns!).  Having just seen the trailer for it, just this second I’m a bit saddened I missed this one.  Once news broke that Red Dog had won the grand prize, there was no way in Hades you were getting any where near the theater without waiting in the standby line for at least 30 minutes!  If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s a long line.

If you get the opportunity to see any of these films, I recommend that you take it.  Independent films deserve/need our support.  They tell some of the finest stories anywhere!

See ya at the movies!


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