Happy Leap Day!

courtesy chcc.org


Happy Quadrennial Birthday to all you Leaplings out there!  There are about 4 million of you out there, so do me a favor and take it easy since most of you are under-age.  🙂 How do you celebrate your quadrennial birthday and common-year celebrations?

For the all the non-leaplings, such as myself, I hope that you get the opportunity to par take in a special activity.  Do something out of the ordinary, maybe even something that only comes around every now and then!

Hey ladies, if you’re really feeling your guy, today is a good day to test whether or not he’s as into you.  If you’re not Greek or Scottish, propose to him.  Greece considers today a bad day to get married and Scots consider today to be just a day of bad luck.  Bummer.  Don’t feel discouraged though, if he turns you down, you may be entitled to a consolation prize: Finland- fabric for a skirt; Denmark- 12 pairs of gloves; or a gown or money in other European countries.

Nonetheless, I hope that today brings everybody an awesome adventure.

Have a great (Leap) day!


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I'm just a young woman who has random things to say.
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