There’s Something About 50…

(PHOTO CREDIT: The book covers for the “50 Shades Trilogy”

Tuesday, September 3rd, delicate information was finally released.  Something hundreds of women across the western hemisphere, mommies and simpletons alike, had waited with baited breath to hear.  The announcement of the leads of the 50 Shades of Grey movie.  The role of Anastacia Steele was given to Dakota Johnson and the most-coveted role of Christian Grey himself was given to Charlie Hunnam.

Wait, who?

Exactly.  Who?  While I’ll admit I was a bit thrown off with Johnson’s casting, I appreciate the fact that casting directors went for lesser known actors.  That has been my only wish for this entire process, although I must admit, I wanted complete unknowns.  I thought it would be hard for a more established actor to take on a role like this.  When done correctly, films like 50 Shades can serve as a spring board for  an up-and-coming actor, and lead to a prosperous, long career.  Putting a well-known into this role would have been an immediate turn off for me, I probably would not have touched this feature if Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer were attached.

Speaking of Bomer, c’mon ladies, a petition, really?  What do you think a petition on change is going to do?  No matter if that 25,000 signature goal is reached or even exceeded, your time and effort is in vain.  If we could change any part of a movie’s cast by voicing our outrage, we wouldn’t have Robert Pattinson today.  Hmmm…  A girl can dream.

Besides, Hunnam is much better than the default Christian that popped into my head when I read the books.  Because I was late to this little party, I did not know that until after I started reading that it originated as Twilight fanfiction, after that I had to fight to keep Pattinson’s Edward out of mind.  It was a battle I barely won.  I am looking forward to Hunnam replacing Pattinson in the theater of my mind.

The funny part about all this backlash is that, just with Twilight, the masses will get over it and see the film when it comes out next year anyway.  So all this spewing venom is wasted effort on the part the haters, save that up for when it comes out.  If the adaptation is truly atrocious, then by all means take out your pitchforks.


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