Oh Fifty…err, Charlie, We Hardly Knew Yee

Photo Credit: E! Online


The timing of this could not have been any better, EW readers know where I am going with this.  So, just when the waters were starting to settle in the bdsm-loving world known as the 50 Shades of Grey film, Christian Grey himself drops out.  What is happening here?  Over the weekend Charlie Hunnam backed out of the role citing a lack of preparation time due to his busy schedule.  I would have bought this, but then I watched E! News, and of course they went digging around and discovered that no such change had occurred…hmm.  My excellent use of deduction skills leads me to believe that at this point a couple of things may have happened. 

One, either he really wasn’t all that confident in his own ability or the production itself, or two, the book fans and petitions got to him.  I don’t think he lost confidence in himself, he knows what he’s working with.  He is no stranger to scantily clad roles (he was on the original, British version of Queer as Folk)…so, yeah.  I also find it hard to believe that he would let a select group of boisterous, horny women get the better of him either, which leads me to my final prediction.  He was unsure of what this project could do to his future viability in Hollywood.  This, I can live with.

This reason alone is why I have always said CAST FRESH FACES!  Under no circumstances should an established actor (ie Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder) be cast in this film.  I would avoid it like the plague.  I’ve voiced these concerns before.  Can you imagine a well-known actor as Christian, and then for all his future projects, no matter how serious, you cannot take him seriously because all you can see is his package?!  An example of my suggested approach is the one that the first Sex and the City movie did for Gilles Marini.  If you’ve seen it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  He was all over Samantha!  My point is that Marini took his role there and used it as a spring board to branch out to various types of other roles.  He had the right idea, sure some people may still see all of him, but most do not.  That is the point.

Even though Charlie is officially out of the movie. I vow to not let all my hours of recon go to waste.  Yeah, I think I might check out Sons of Anarchy or Pacific Rim.  Since this project depends so heavily on the chemistry between the leads, it waits to be seen if Dakota Johnson will remain attached to it.  Only time will tell (the next few weeks really) if Hunnam’s departure initiates a domino-effect of delays.

If we continue down this known-actor path, my vote is for Ryan Kwantan.  Jason Stackhouse has no problem being adventurous with his ladies; women want to do “bad things” to him all the time!

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